Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Digital Diecutting

Written By Mark Batson Baril

What is Digital Diecutting?

Digital Diecutting is the Buzz word for the converting of materials, that have been traditionally cut using dies, without the use of dies. Just like in the printing industries, where many short run prototype and specialty jobs have gone to digital printing, specialty diecutting projects are moving more and more towards cutting without a die.

Depending on the material, the shape to be cut, and the quantity to be cut, there are a variety of machines that can be used to cut products without tooling. Digitally controlled Waterjets, Lasers, Routers, Milling Machines, Drills, Specialty Cutting Knives, and even Ultra Sonic Waves are all used throughout the world today and all fall into the category of “Digital Diecutters.”

As this technology has become more sophisticated and controllable, great amounts of time have been poured into making these machines as fast as possible. Multiple cutting heads and beefed up construction techniques have made some of these machines faster and more economical than the traditional diecutting press, given the right situation.

Keep in mind that given the right quantities, nothing beats diecutting for speed! However, there are many instances where a projects production costs may be reduced by eliminating tooling, at least in the early stages of product developement. We recommend having a professional estimate costs using several possible production methods before a decsion is made.


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